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Our Services

Tea & Coffee Company’s core business is the distribution and wholesale of fresh roasted specialty gourmet coffees, gourmet loose teas, DaVinci syrups, espresso machines coffee grinders and coffee brewing equipment. We supply many offices, shops, cafes and restaurants across Canada with our premium coffees and teas. To open a wholesale account, please fill out the form below and one of our coffee experts will contact you shortly.

Office Coffee Service


At Tea & Coffee Company, we recognize the importance of having a quality cup of coffee in the workplace. That’s why we import only the highest quality of Arabica beans from the worlds finest coffee producing regions and roast them fresh daily. We roast our coffees in our Edmonton roasting facility and then deliver them directly to your break room. Along with great tasting coffee, we also carry a wide selection of cups, sweeteners, whiteners, teas and hot chocolates.

Equipment Program

Tea & Coffee Company offers a full selection of coffee equipment which include waterline and pourover coffee brewers, precision grinders and espresso machines. Equipment can be purchased directly or can be leased.

Foodservice Industry


Tea & Coffee Company is a full service coffee, specialty beverage and equipment provider to the Canadian food service industry. Our full product line includes the necessities required by caterers, cafes and restaurants across Canada. This includes the supply of fresh roasted coffee and other specialty beverages as well as coffee grinders, espresso machines and coffee brewing equipment.

Equipment Program

Tea & Coffee Company offers a full selection of commercial coffee equipment which include coffee brewers, coffee grinders and espresso machines. Equipment can be purchased directly or can be leased.

Beverage Training

New to the industry or opening a new location? We can help. Tea & Coffee Company offers full beverage training to our customers at no cost. Learn the secrets of how brew the perfect cup, or create the tastiest café latte from one of our qualified staff.

Retail & Grocery Stores


Tea & Coffee Company offers a unique solution to grocers and retailers across Canada that includes the roasting and packaging of our coffees as well as the delivery to shelves across Canada. Whether you display our unique bag design on your shelves or use a custom design is completely up to you. What makes our services truly unique is that the entire process is completely customizable. We have the ability to create custom roasts or blends to your specifications as well as an in house graphics team to design and create your own unique label or bag design.

Private Label

Tea & Coffee Company has the resources available to completely customize the roasting, blending and packaging of our coffee. We carry over 100 different coffees that can be roasted and blended to create a 100% unique experience. Once the roast, beans or flavours have been selected, our in house graphic design team will work closely with you to create a bag or label design to match your roast.

Multiple Location & Chain Restaurants

Private Roasting & Blending

Looking to create a unique, great tasting coffee to build a company with? We have a solution. By customizing our roasting procedures and by experimenting with different blends, we can create a signature coffee that perfectly compliments the brand.


Once a signature coffee has been perfected, our guarantee is that we will not reproduce it for any other customers.

Premium Quality Coffee 100% Genuine